Mix Fiber Compressed Bales

Discover the superior quality and versatility of our Mix Fiber Compressed Bales. These bales are carefully crafted using a blend of natural fibers, such as coconut coir, along with other sustainable materials. With their compressed form, these bales offer convenience and easy handling while maintaining their exceptional performance. Learn more about the benefits and applications of our Mix Fiber Compressed Bales.

Tradition With A Touch of Modern

Sustainable Materials

Our Mix Fiber Compressed Bales are made from renewable and eco-friendly materials, promoting a greener approach to farming and gardening.

Enhanced Moisture Retention

The unique composition of the mix fibers ensures excellent water retention, allowing for optimal hydration of plants and improved growth.

Balanced Air Porosity

These bales provide a well-balanced airflow, promoting healthy root development and preventing waterlogging.

Easy Application

The compressed form of the bales makes them easy to transport, handle, and apply, saving you time and effort.

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