Coir Twine

Coir Twine is made from the natural fibers extracted from the husk of coconuts, offering exceptional strength, durability, and sustainability. In this section, we will explore the features and benefits of Coir Twine and discover its wide range of uses.

Key Features and Advantages

Natural and Biodegradable

Coir Twine is an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic twine, as it is made from renewable and biodegradable coconut fibers.

Excellent Strength

Despite its natural origin, Coir Twine boasts impressive tensile strength, making it suitable for various heavy-duty tasks.

Resistant to Moisture and Rot

The inherent properties of coir fibers make Coir Twine resistant to moisture, rot, and decay, ensuring its longevity even in humid or wet environments.

Soft and Gentle on Plants

Coir Twine is soft and gentle on plants, minimizing the risk of damage or abrasion while providing support and stability.

Coir Twines for Oyster Farming

Coir twines are an ideal choice for oyster farming, offering a natural and eco-friendly alternative to synthetic materials. Made from durable coconut fibers, coir twines provide excellent support for oyster spat attachment and growth. Their biodegradability ensures they do not harm the marine environment, making them a sustainable choice for aquaculture.

Natural Attachment Surface

Coir twines offer an excellent surface for oyster spat to attach and grow, enhancing oyster production.


Made from renewable coconut fibers, coir twines are biodegradable and do not contribute to marine pollution, supporting sustainable aquaculture practices.

Durable and Strong

These twines are robust and can withstand the harsh marine environment, providing long-lasting support for oyster farming.

Promotes Healthy Growth

The natural properties of coir fibers help maintain water quality and promote healthy oyster growth.

Coir Twines for Grapes Farming

Coir twines are ideal for grapes farming, providing strong and flexible support for vine growth. Their natural fibers are gentle on plants, preventing damage while ensuring robust support for vines as they grow and bear fruit. Coir twines are also resistant to UV rays and weather conditions, making them suitable for outdoor use over multiple growing seasons.

Strong Support

Offers reliable support for grapevines, ensuring proper growth and development.

Durable and Weather-Resistant

Can withstand harsh weather conditions, providing long-term support throughout the growing season.


Gentle on vines, reducing the risk of damage to stems and leaves.

Sustainable Choice

Made from renewable coconut fibers, promoting environmentally friendly farming practices.

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